Who in the world of the credit market is who?

Who in the world of the credit market is who?

Sooner or later in our lives we come into contact with credit institutions and banks. But if you are not familiar with this world, you can easily be mistaken for who? What means what? Therefore, we now thought of writing an article where every character and fact is replaced.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions There are several financial institutions in Hungary as well. We can also include different funds, insurance companies, banks, savings cooperatives. These can come into contact during a credit transaction where you think not only of the bank, but also of the insurer, be it life insurance or home insurance.

The Bank

The bank is a special financial institution. Although more services are currently provided, they are primarily designed to provide loans. At present, the primary profile of banks is deposit collection and placement of money, ie lending.

The dependent agent

Notary Public After the financial institutions, let's look at who can get the financial contracts through. The dependent agent is actually a unique provider. This means that he has contracted with X Bank and only offers his products to us. This may be good for us on the one hand, but rather caution. As you can see from the calculators on the credit.com page , it is not possible to compare the offers of a bank but more than 10. What if the dependent agent is not at the bank that offers us the best deal?

The plural agent

For a multi-agent, we certainly do not have to face such a potential problem as a multi-agent. He is, in an optimal situation, contracted with all the financial institutions that can provide us with the right solution. So we are right to expect him to make comparisons, and to show you why you are offering us the credit you want.

Notary Public

He is the person we meet when 'everything is on the rail'. When we sign the loan agreement, he authenticates it. From now on, we just need to meet the payout conditions and the bank will transfer the money. These are some of the concepts that we should not be unfamiliar with if we think in credit. Of course, the greatest security is having a professional help us, so contact us! We will help you all the way financially.