Rural Loan Discounts

Rural Loan Discounts

According to the most recent information, this special form of GFI support is also available to rural GFI who:
  • are included in the Central Credit Information System (CCIS),
  • receive a nursing fee,
  • children receive a home care fee,
  • they settle abroad from abroad.

Credit institutions for rural GFI support

Credit institutions for rural GFI support According to information provided by the government, since the launch of the family support program on July 1, hundreds of applications have been received from credit institutions for rural GFI support. On the basis of the received applications it can be said that there is a great interest in the purchase of the used real estate as well as the modernization and renovation of the existing real estate. Further good news is that applicants seeking village GFI support come mainly from larger cities.

Married couples living in large cities

The purpose of the support is to make it attractive for young married couples living in large cities to start a family in smaller towns and to have children. It is also about reducing congestion in large cities and halting the depopulation of small settlements. With more than 2,400 settlements participating in the program, there is a wide choice for married couples and families wishing to move. Within the framework of the village GFI grant, families can receive up to HUF 5 million for the modernization of the existing apartment and up to HUF 10 million for the purchase and refurbishment of the used property. Of course, the amount of support varies according to the number of children.

What are the new concessions?

money Individuals who receive nursing and child care home fees may also apply for village GFI support. It is a big concession that negative debtors in the Central Credit Information System (CCIS) can apply for village GFI. However, it is important to note that, unfortunately, the state-subsidized loan is not available to the above mentioned persons, because the loans already matter whether the applicant is on the KHR list. Families and spouses moving abroad may also apply for support if they can prove a 1 or 2 year foreign TB relationship and undertake to move back to Hungary within 180 days of concluding the contract and establish a domestic TB relationship.

Buying Real Estate Without Own Resources?

Possible in case of village GFI. A claimant who purchases a property does not have to prove self-sufficiency if the purchase price of the property he wants to buy is lower than the amount of the grant. If the value of the property is higher than the amount of the grant, the claimant must, of course, justify the existing own funds.

How is disbursement made in the case of modernization?

How is disbursement made in the case of modernization? In the case of aid for modernization, disbursements are made on a pro rata basis, ie after completion of the work and presentation of the invoices.

How can the village GFI be used in addition to the previously recorded socpol?

Families who have previously used the soco, less the amount previously claimed, may receive village GFI support. Families who have previously purchased their house or apartment with GFI support and would like to purchase another property in one of the designated small settlements with village GFI support may sell the previously purchased property and repay the previously purchased support at the sale price. . If someone bought the property with GFI support , but would like to renovate it with village GFI support, there is no obstacle if the property is located in one of the preferred settlements. If you would like to know what state subsidies are available or if you would like to apply for a discounted home loan, please fill out our form and we will be looking for credit brokers!