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Collecting loans

If you have several smaller loans that cost a lot of money each month, a good alternative is to try to pool these loans into a larger loan. Expensive loans are something that there are many on the market. Some things you might not think of as a loan but that is what it is […]

Home loan or Baby loan?

The mortgage market has been in decline for the second month. The number of new contracts and the amount of borrowings are constantly decreasing. According to experts, the trend is due to the appearance of Baby Waiting Support. According to data from the Horry Bank, this is the most popular form of credit since the […]

Rural Loan Discounts

According to the most recent information, this special form of GFI support is also available to rural GFI who: are included in the Central Credit Information System (CCIS), receive a nursing fee, children receive a home care fee, they settle abroad from abroad. Credit institutions for rural GFI support According to information provided by the […]